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Off to Cuba

I’m off to Cuba in the morning. Well, technically, Miami first then Cuba. We were originally supposed to head down to Havana on Saturday but “they” won’t let us into the country until Monday. Not sure who “they” is, or why, but whatever. The purpose of the trip is to experience some of the work a non-profit does down there in leadership development in graduate and post-secondary schools. So a lot of donors will be on the trip.

I’m going along because I’ve been supporting the org for a couple years now and love working with them. I’ll be getting primarily some interviews for the org, hearing from the students about the impact the program has on them and those they work with. Consequently, it’s a small shoot so just taking DSLRs…which stink for these kinds of interviews because we have to interrupt people every 12 minutes. Anyway, since it’s all going to be web and DVD, I’m going to tap the HDMI output of the 7D to the Cinedeck and crop in post. My T2i will be second camera. I was originally going to take a GH2, but the one Lens Rentals sent me output a 50i stream. Can’t use that.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re going to take a ton of photos and video of everything! We’ll put up lots of photos and video over at Red Futon Films when we get back. Should be a great trip. For those of you NOT in the states, this is a big deal for those in the states because of the embargo thing.

See you in a week!


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