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No Distributors Welcome Here

The title of this post is rather tongue-in-cheek. It is in fact somewhat true though. In addition to some of the doc development I’ve been doing and networking and building partnerships for the film stuff, I’ve partnered with long-time friend and theologian Dr. Brian Mattson to launch the brand Dead Reckoning. We did some searching and interestingly enough, nobody had any specific brand associated with it so we filed our trademark application and started producing content. The content has no established distributors or established audience. Here’s the deal…

The particular content is two Christians doing a combo of entertainment and serious discussion around cultural engagement. We started with a 5-7 minute web commentary at the beginning of the year on Christian theology and its applicability to culture. When feedback started coming in that people wanted to see more interaction, we decided to try our hand at a podcast so we sat down over the course of a month and put a podcast format, content and guest list together. We finished episode 3 of the podcast last week and it’s been very well received. Between Brian’s educated pedigree and my lack thereof and off-color remarks and commentary with a mix of serious, snark and humor pieces, the show (according to others) a level of quality and entertainment not found in other podcasts and independent web TV.

And there’s not a single distributor for such content.

We’re two mainstream for the Christian distributors and two Christian for the mainstream distributors. Now find me anyone who’d be interested in pushing this content out for us. All the Christians want to make stuff with lessons, tools people can use to teach etc. The secular distributors don’t want Christianity a part of anything of the push out. Well guess what, we’re not a pulpit so not everything is going to have some overarching takeaway to make the viewer a better Jesus-mojo and fact is, our Christianity informs everything we do and how we view and interact with our culture. But as I’ve searched and searched…

No formal middle ground exists.

But we don’t really care, we’re having way too much fun.

So we plan to add to the whole there-is-no-distributor-for-us conundrum by capitalizing on the web and doing something even more ballsy. Our 2013/14 plans include an expansion into a single, weekly one-hour web TV series. Sets, segments, Skype guests, in-studio guests, interaction and for current fans, be not afraid; we will be including the current Dead Reckoning TV variant as the Dead Reckoning Commentary (or something) and we’ll strip the audio and edit accordingly for our audio-loving podcast junkies.

We’ve already found our audience too and according to my backend statistics, it’s growing every episode. We’ve received over 30,000 total impressions and almost 500 views per episode across all the channels since we launched in February. That’s a healthy start for a brand new brand if you ask me. Will people sit down and watch a one-hour web show? That’s to be determined but since nobody’s done it yet (specifically us), I’m not going to speculate. But in case you’re wondering, we do have a few tricks up our sleeves to address the commonly-accepted 5-minute online viewing retention time statistic (or whatever it is these days).

We’re coming up on the last month of the current form of Dead Reckoning TV and we’ll be continuing Dead Reckoning Radio through summer before launching the new one-hour Dead Reckoning TV this fall. Here’s to doing new things and taking risks.

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