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New Doc in the Hop-per

Bruegal, hops, and the ordinary Joe.

These are a

This got me to thinking about a new doc. The role beer has played in my personal life has been wonderful. Mainly due to the fact that the host of highly successful local microbreweries (in a small-ish town) are places that cultivate warmth and friendship of friends and family.

Historically, this almost by design as well as something unique to a certain class of people. But without giving everything away (some twists in the tale), I’ve surrounded myself with the following books: In Search of God and Guinniess, A History of the World in 6 Glasses, Good Beer Guide Belgium, art by Pieter Bruegal and many other sources of research. (All of which I recommend).

I’ve brought on a very accomplished writer who is a trained historian and formerly resided in Belgium. This guy’s all brain with taste for fine drink. And adding mountains to our initial thought process.

So be on the lookout for a series of short docs on our local microbreweries this spring as these will likely be the seeds of the long-form piece and of course, the new Red Futon Films‘ doc yet unnamed and unwritten. Contributing to society and ultimately the history of our world is an exciting craft.


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