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My FTC Disclaimer of 2010

I’ve been on Avid beta this year so MC5 was provided at no charge for my evaluation and testing use. I beta’d enough that they’re letting me have a copy as thanks.

The Cinedeck was given to me by Cinedeck for use and evaluation on this latest production with nothing expected but they wanted me to say if I liked it.

The SI-2K was provided as well at no charge by Cinedeck via HD Camera Rentals in LA- there were no expectations there.

Nobody’s paying me to blog, tweet, or say anything. I’m not on anyone’s salary. I’m just a normal end-user. I have lots of great relationships I hope to continue to maintain, but that doesn’t dictate or sway what I talk about or say about a given product or technique on my various streams of communication.

And for what it’s worth, I like this new legislation. I worked in radio for over ten years and well, “payola.” I’d hate to see that happen in the world of social media.


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