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My bars came loose and my seat rattled off

I’m calling it my first ride of the year and it was really. I got the new Titus Racer X out on the trail and did some tweaking on things like cockpit adjustments and suspension. The front fork is now gravy. I need to move the seat forward and down a notch, I need to slide my gear levers over a trigger, get some more firmness in my rear brake (and fix a strange fluttering), and tighten down that headset.

This new bike is so much different, it’s super-snappy, it’s fast, it climbs like a beast and feels very well balanced. At the same time I felt like I was really riding on the bike and moving it around as needed, I could really settle and feel like I’m “in” the bike. Many bikes I’ve ridden either have me feeling like I’m sitting way up and over the bike or others like I’m in the bike to the point that it’s too large and sluggish.

I have grand aspirations this year. Trying to ride after work is going to cause too much conflict between wanting to spend time with my family so I’m going to try and get out 3 or 4 times a week in the morning for about an hour. Then on Saturdays, drop Titus (the son) off at my parents house as is standard right now and take Titus (the bike) on a good 4-5 hour ride while Titus’ mom (the son) has her relaxing morning. I’m still undecided about events at this point, but Rapelje is probably a very likely race. So here’s to a new season!


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