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Mulling over Needs for Personal Tech

I’m that guy. I have the laptop, the smart phone, the portable media player, the Kindle, the Desktop (2 in fact). The only thing I’m “lacking” in the current standard of normalcy is an iPad, which in fact, I bought for my wife in addition to our “family” laptop. I’m beginning to think it’s too much.

Some of you probably think I’m crazy. But here’s what I’m thinking about doing and practicing even now. Personally and for business, moving to my Smartphone only. I am doing all my production now from one of my two MacPros. The rest of my work is networking and business development- email. The result is my contemplation of ditching the powerhouse 13″ MBP I bought last spring (probably with the iPod since the music will go to the smartphone.)

You may be asking, what about when you’re on the road? Production? Video capture and offload? You certainly need a computer for those things? Well, yes and no. First, in the day of DSLR, you can very easily purchase a few hundred SDHC cards for the price of 1 laptop (likely, a couple thousand of them). Footage can be played back, reviewed, and logged from the camera. It’s what I’ve done forever with “real” video cameras. Second, I’m actually looking at moving to a Cinedeck this year for all my field work.

On my last several shoots (regardless of camera),I’ve been using my laptop for client review and in some cases shot checking- not ideal really. I should be using an external monitor and cut back on time and gear. I’m also just plain frustrated with the image quality out of most of today’s cameras AND the fact that cameras are changing so damn quick. I hesitate to spend any money on an F3, AF100 or a new $5K DSLR when in a year, it’d be obsolete. I can’t use EVERY camera for EVERY shoot. I can use a Cinedeck at every shoot though and it works with every camera, won’t be obsolete in a year and I can record the highest quality out of the camera to the codec needed. Plus, it’s a monitor, DDR, and computer all in one box. Makes sense to me.

So where does that leave me? Currently, I’m feeling a bit naked. It is however mental though. My laptop is still downstairs, but all my business work, accounting, loan brokering etc. can be done via my smart phone and my desktop. In the event of something important, I can always get something much cheaper like a tablet or a $200 Acer 😛 Or just snake our family laptop for something.

I’ll let you know how it goes. I haven’t turned my laptop on in two days now and typing this from our “home” laptop. 🙂


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