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So as I mentioned in this post, one of my goals is to save the low-budget but professional (read “non-profit” or “freelance”) producer some of the headache I went through searching for things, and finding things and making things work. That said, I regularly use a few other tools that I don’t think I’ve mentioned:

Rebel CC – This is a plugin by Stu Maschwitz for color correcting in After Effects. It’s awesome. I use it every time I produce something. I’m also in AE a lot since I like to do some transitions and all my titling in there too. (In fact I pretty much use Premier only for editing).

X.264 Codec – This is in place of H.264. Why? Read this post and find out. I’ve had this happen on a few occasions but I didn’t pay enough attention though to tell you why.

Google Reader – I subscribe to all sorts of helpful blogs. Like: Prep, Shoot, Post; the entire PVC site (conglomeration of several main production bloggers); Greyscalegorilla; and a variety of other writing, production, and tutorial sites. You can find lots and lots and lots of amazing information and freebies on blogs. This is key if you or people you work for don’t like to spend money on your craft.

Del.ico.us – Because on all those blogs, on Twitter, on Facebook and a host of other sites, people provide tips, links, articles, tutorials, links, etc. And I can’t read, inspect, listen to, watch, save, or install anything found on those sites right away. Del.ico.us allows me to quickly save and mark all those things I find and want to look at later via tags. I installed a Firefox plugin to help with this.

So there you go, some tech, some philosophy, and mostly rambling. In fact, I should be editing right now so I’m going to back to it.


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