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Millennial Media Consumption, The Evangelical Marketplace and Niche-As-Strategy pt. 3

in part 1, the evangelical landscape in part 2 and finally, our approach to content creation.

This will be a short post. Essentially we’re taking what I’ve been calling the “Red Bull” approach. Red Bull is a brand synonymous with the action sports genre. You know them as a brand that produces content ranging from BASE Jumping to off-road motorsports. They cover it all: winter, summer and everything in between.

The internet as far as I can tell is one giant room full of highly-focused interest groups. No matter your religion, race, or hobby, there’s content for you. Big Broadcaster have been having a hard time breaking into the world that is fragmenting their audience (they so love to say). The difference between BBs and Red Bull, is that Big Broadcasters are producing one single show that has to appeal to hundreds of thousands of people. Red Bull on the other hand, makes something that appeals to maybe several thousand.

The Big Broadcast approach works when there’s a finite medium constrained by time. What I mean is, the internet is not a single channel like over the air or cable TV with a finite number of channels to watch. The internet is a massive platform with virtually unlimited possibility. The internet is also not contained by the 24 hour time block where only one thing is on at a time. Anything can happen any time on the internet so the model of making something that appeals to hundreds of thousands of people works…if there’s nothing else to do in the world.

So these millions of niche audiences become a challenge to the Big Broadcaster. I see this niche-ified landscape as an opportunity. Not an opportunity to reach millions and millions (while theoretically possible), but to reach a few and go very deep. We’re making highly-focused content to a specific audience.

So what I hope to see continue are our overall numbers, while much lower, have much higher engagement.

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