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Millennial Media Consumption, The Evangelical Marketplace, and Niche-as-Strategy: Pt. 2

in part 1 aren’t nearly as interesting about what I’m about to look at in the evangelical landscape.

By “our” and “we,” I’m referring to our brand, Dead Reckoning and the various shows and content we produce under that brand. You can read about our story here. Part 1 and this part 2 are pulled directly from our rather lengthy prospectus on the brand. Part 3, “Niche-as-strategy” as I’ve been calling it, will be a little more off-the-cuff.

So on two part 2. A person would think that given the information on Millennial’s preferred consumption habits and video preferences shown in part 1, there’d be some fairly significant strides to fill the space of original, entertaining, and intelligent non-fiction video-based content from a distinctly Christian worldview. However, if you thought that, you would be wildly wrong:

The Christian Digital Media Landscape

The internet and is a large landscape and my research isn’t exhaustive by any means but here’s where some established Christian media organizations and up-and-coming cultural engagement-oriented startups land:

World Magazine – “Journalism from a Christian Worldview”

  1. Median Age: 51

  2. Physical print publishing is primary, digital bolsters physical.

  3. Video Content: Original Human interest and ministry documentaries

Christianity Today – Communications ministry, “trusted content with fresh ideas.”

  1. Median Age: Not published for all communications of brand (Entire brand: 74% 25-64)

  2. Physical and digital print are primary.

  3. Video Content: Original human interest and ministry documentaries

Relevant Magazine – “Publication for spiritually focused, countercultural twenty and thirty-somethings.”

  1. Median Age: 28

  2. Physical print primary, digital bolsters physical.

  3. Video Content: RTV (curated content) “Being placed on the back burner” ~ Sales Rep, November 2014

Christ and Pop Culture – “Online Magazine that addresses important issues and topics in popular culture through long-form featured articles, challenging and timely blog posts, a conversational podcast, and bi-weekly iOS magazine”

  1. Median Age: No published statistics

  2. Digital print primary. No physical print.

  3. Video Content: None


  1. Acculturated: Digital print, no video content.

  2. The Mockingbird: Digital print, no video content.

  3. JUCE TV (TBN’s 13-30 cable channel): Traditional Broadcast. Digital in the form of YouTube promo clips. Primarily music content.

  4. Individual Ministries: Didactic preaching, teaching and information.

The General Non-Fiction Digital Media Landscape

The model we’re building could be loosely likened to Red Bull Media House and their brand-focused empire of non-fiction, action sports lifestyle content: snowboarding, off-road racing, BASE jumping, mountain biking, etc. However, they have an existing energy drink product they built their brand around.

Others moving into the online, non-fiction video content sphere or have already moved into this sphere include:

  1. HuffPost Live – Huffington Post’s 24-hour streaming news and talk channel

  2. Pajamas TV – Subscription-based, conservative issues and news content

  3. The Sarah Palin Channel – Subscription-based, content undefined (likely conservative news and talk), in development

  4. The Blaze – Subscription-based, conservative issues and news content

None of these approach their topics from a self-consciously Christian worldview. Huffington Post is decidedly secular, Pajamas TV, Sarah Palin and The Blaze will all largely take a secular approach to their issues as well.

There are many mainstream TV shows that have a digital broadcast effort. But in almost every case, these digital efforts exist to bolster and promote their existing traditional broadcasts.

Part 3: “Niche-As-Strategy” coming next week

*Information is pulled from websites, media kits, representatives and published information.

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