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Making Use of Time

Last week, I posted over on my production blog about the Time Inbetween. Those times between projects when I work 3 weeks of 18 hour days and then nothing for a while. Part of that creating a better balance is getting out and riding more. Mornings are typically not times I ride, but interestingly work pretty well. They get me home when I need to be home to do nightly parenting duties and I avoid the heat, rain and wind by not riding in the afternoon. I can do most of my other work in off-hours after the kids go to bed, before they get up in the morning, in the afternoons, etc. I do have regular calls and meetings but when I don’t have those, I’m going to try and work in more regular exercise and down time. 

Also, I put a 1×10 on the bike. I like it. A lot. A little weird mentally, but the simplicity and forcing to use a harder gear on climbs are both good things.


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