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Making Society Worse

Note: I write graphically visual content in this post and some may be potentially offensive and hard to read.

I feel in a lot ways I need to say something about this. You may not agree with but I hope it at least sparks some thought.

What bothers me more than anything and also compels me to continue to make good content is people and organizations with power and ability are using it to make society and culture worse. The SAW series is one of those products. Is it highly profitable? I’m sure it is- there’s nothing like immersing yourself in fantasy. It can be video games, porn, or death. In this case the latter. But that doesn’t make it smart. And it really disgusts me.

I want to look at two stories. One really happened and the other is from the series.

I read a non-fiction book about a guy who served in Vietnam and what he dealt with and came across. One particular story that stuck with me was when the Viet Cong came through a village. They raped and killed them. But one particular woman, who was pregnant, was raped, then her baby ripped out, then the men urinated in the empty cavity…and then she died.

In SAW, a woman is suspended in the air by each limb drawn taught. Two hooks are in her chest. At the end of the scene those hooks…in slow motion, rip her ribcage from her body and she’s left there to die dripping and bleeding.

One is historical fact. A reason we go to war and fight for people who are victims of such horrendous acts. But we’re okay as a society with the movie because it’s not real. But does it actually contribute anything worthwhile to society?

I argue NO! It does not. It does not celebrate humanity, goodwill, or good thinking towards our fellow man. Just think, the filmmakers who are writing it are figuring out every way possible the rip apart, humiliate and destroy a human- both in thinking and logic as well as physical. And not just destroy, but desecration of who we are as people. That kind of thinking simply isn’t healthy. Serial killers in our day have thought that way and acted on it. But it doesn’t just stop there, we’ll pay money to watch and be entertained by it- willingly.

Psychologically, movies like this reduce what makes us human to mere amusement; a series of inter-related physiological parts that when removed from one another leave a big mess that’s fun to watch…especially in 3D.

If that’s the case, then it shouldn’t bother you when you hear about what the Nazi’s did or what happened in Rwanda, and Vietnam. It’s duplicitous to argue that it’s okay to contribute this content to society willingly but condemn the same or lesser evils that happen around us.


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