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Loving My Time in LA

I’m trying figure out how to write about this trip. But I can’t quite convey my thoughts very well. I’ve rewritten this post three times now. So I’ll just keep it short, I came out to meet with some people I met via Twitter as well as just try and catch up with others. It’s been better than I expected. Editors, sound guys, doc filmmakers and even a bit on the Sony lot which was fun. Yes, I have projects I’m working but no, I don’t have any agendas for things.

I hope the next two days are as fun as the last two. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s appointments. I have a few other people to get together with on Tuesday before flying home on Wednesday. And my gut tells me I’ll be out here a lot more. It’s one of things that you have in life where you haven’t spent a lifetime working towards it but it’s cool when it happens. Or something like that.

I’m not really communicating well so I’ll just end it there. If you’re in town and want to grab coffee or beer, hit me up on Twitter: @jayfriesen


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