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Like Authoring

I wonder if making a documentary is like authoring a book? You spend thousands of hours crafting something. You work with it like clay, or a mold. You shape it, you edit it. Is it like a writing a book? I see many similarities there. But instead of a book author, I’m a film author. These are my “works” but crafted from what other people say.

I’m currently in the thick of it. Every day now, I spend over 5 hours working on this film. Much if it right now is getting to know the material, getting the hundreds of clips sorted and organized, noted, subclipped and marked for easier access later. I’m grateful for a director who’s doing the paper edit but I need to have all my stuff ready to go when he hands me that script. He is an author so I suspect some of this is going to come easier to him than to me. I’m also working on the trailer which is a whole ‘nuther ballgame.

I’m still on a quest to inject the art into my work. As an author would for a book, to find your voice. I pretty much get my fix doing short non-fiction vignettes. I don’t find anything particularly more interesting than reality. But I still feel in a lot of ways I’m searching out my style and finding that particular art to inject into the reality. Some people have it figured out, I see their work online and it’s outstanding. Other people have great looking work, but no particular aesthetic.

Reality’s an ever-changing subject so I guess it’s okay that a particular style changes too.


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