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Leadership Module Update

The producers are working with a 9 stage matrix of of the production progress. Mine is a bit simpler since I’m not doing much if anything with the guides, print and layout items.

I just wrapped editing the 2nd camera into all 14 sessions. Multi-camera editing takes a while. In this case, it took me about two weeks to sync and edit the 2nd camera in. Next up are overlays.

While the producers write out captioning and outline formatting as the captions have to sync with what will be the guide. I’m working up the animation templates for the overlays. With some work now, I should be able to copy and paste text into the AE comps with little work later. In theory, it’s a relatively straight forward process, but in reality it’s going to equate to many comps for single lesson and probably entirely different AE projects for different purposes. I’m still working up the best workflow utilizing dynamic link So I can cut back on the rendering as much as possible.

Time is ticking. I’m feeling some pressure already to get these lessons wrapped. There is a July launch date for the product. Regardless, I should be hitting the ground running next week with the AE work.


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