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Leadership Module: It’s a Wrap!

Rob and I share a couple parting thoughts in this vid:

Leadership Module Wrap – Vlog from J.R. Friesen on Vimeo.

Finally, I’ve been exporting DVD’s all day so the content producers can sift through all the sessions. 14 at about 1.5 hours a piece. Aside from being rather annoyed that the digital clips from the Firestore (HVX-200) and CF cards (HVR-Z7U) didn’t contain any of the timecode information, it went smoothly.

As we ingested footage and renamed files, we watched a bit of Doctor Who, drank lots of coffee and enjoyed what were some very long days behind the camera.

I fly to Manila on Wednesday. I’ll be full up with these DVD renders until then. I have to pack quite a bit of stuff for this trip. On the one hand, I’m stoked and on the other, I’m freaking out. I don’t have nearly the prep I want going into this, but at the same time with the productions being unscripted, you can only prepare so much. I just don’t want to forget batteries or something…


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