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Last Few Weeks Recap


I have a lot to say or a lot to rant about or…I don’t know. As you know, I spent some time in Cancun right after I got back from shooting the last bit of the new doc, Unheralded. Cancun was awesome. Then it was full-tilt once I got back in to the studio. Not sure how that happened, but I ended up with too much to do and not enough time. Then, I got completely frustrated not having RT playback in Premiere CS4- it hasn’t bothered me with short form stuff, but this long form is not fun.


AVID – So I download the Avid Media Composer demo and give it a whirl. I love it. But it’s a demo so I start poking around to see if they offer a non-profit discount. I see that they do via one of their authorized resellers but I email to clarify and he says “yes,” 501(c)3 organizations get the discount. I place my order, submit my verification and it gets cancelled because I didn’t submit anything. I email the guy who said I’m good to go and I haven’t heard back. I call Avid, leave a message and I haven’t been called back.

ADOBE – Right, I’m going to presume that they lied and I don’t get that discount. So back to Adobe. I email the Sr. Adobe Evangelist (we’ve been Twitterers for a while now) and ask him about the preferred codec for Adobe if you’re using footage that doesn’t come with a preset (in this case Cineform). He’s like, “I do everything DVCProHD- you’re almost guaranteed RT playback without issue every time.” That’s the straightest answer I’ve gotten in two years with Adobe. So I transcode a couple clips and cut up this vid:  I like it. It’s not without metadata and proxy-relink issues, but RT playback is the bomb and I don’t have to change much plus the DVCProHD files are half the size of my Cineform masters so I can put the whole project on my VR Mini set. Unless Avid tells me I qualify at which point, I’ll be editing DNxHD.


WEB – On that note, I have to create websites as well. We use a CMS backend called Kintera (or Blackbaud Sphere). These guy are awesome and massively on top of things. Too bad their built-in website templates and formatting suck. So I’m working on integrating Dreamweaver CSS/XHTML with Kintera .KDF/.KTF template structure. Needless to say I’m pulling my beard out more than I’m actually solving any problems.

LAYOUT – I have a host of design work coming up the biggest of which is the NP’s new product catalogue. We don’t have much but it needs to look nice, present well and make people happy. One of those projects where (as indicated in above paragraphs) I have no say in, yet I’m designing it. I design, they mark it all up and debate it and I design again and the process continues until it’s finished.


The ski area is open, we have good snow, my little sister had her baby, the beer is near and my dogs are happy.


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