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Kuala Lumpur

A fitting first post. Looks like I’m headed to Kuala Lumpur this year to work on a short-form documentary and promotional piece. I’m stoked. Not only will it be the first overseas trip I’ve ever taken, but it’ll be to one of the nicest places on earth! I guess it’s where the crazy-rich Arabs and Saudi’s go for vacation when not going to Dubai, UAE.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kuala Lumpur, it’s in Malaysia and I think two years ago, had the nicest airport in the world. But the two towers you might remember from the movie Entrapment and a couple others are in KL. Like Dubai, I think KL is up there in terms of “exotic” but I haven’t been there, yet 😉 So who knows.

The tentative plan is to start production there in Feb. It’s going to be a small crew, me and one other person. The work is for an outside client but they left us with almost total creative control. I’m beginning pre-production now. I can’t go into too many details yet, but will document everything as it moves forward.


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