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KL Documentary: Going Really Well

I’ve had some excellent interviews and “life shots.” My basic concept is the “reality documentary.” Unscripted but based around current events that are happening and not staged interviews. I just can’t say enough how fruitful these elements have been. Naturally, we’ve needed to do some traditional interviewing and that’s gone well, but the conversations really pick up when the official interview is over. So like with much of what I’m doing in this part of the world, I keep the camera running.

Here are a few photos of one of the recent interviews:

Getting shots and timelapse in dowtown KL. This part of downtown is also considered their “Times Square:”

Taking some shots of a huge market in Chinatown:

I’m going to be trying to some video up. However, that takes a bit more work, but we don’t our next shoot is scheduled for 2pm today (it’s currently 9:18a here) so I’ve got some time to put together a few clips.


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