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It Was a Special Banking Relationship

I’m not sure how I feel about the use of robots but it certainly is entertaining.

Karl: Once you contact us at the above number, we would check with providing more details.

You: Good robot

Karl: I hope you understand, while we make every effort to assist our customers who contact us by Live Chat, there are certain situations, which require a conversation with a specialized department.

You: Still freaks me out a little

Karl: I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

You: That’s okay, I get it. You guys are HUGE and that’d be a lot of people to pay. Do you get time off?

Karl: Thank you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment.

Karl: I hope we are still connected.

You: We are, I’m feeling a close connection right now

Karl: Thank you for responding,  Jay.

You: You’re welcome, I need to go now as much as I like you Karl

Karl: I apologize for the delay. I’ll be with you shortly.

Karl: How is it working?

You: How is what working?

Karl: Are you able to connect our specialists over phone?

You: I think they’re at lunch

Karl: Is there anything else I may be of assistance for you?  

You: No. I tired of this game

I’m sure some engineer somewhere laughs when he reads through these things.

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