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It's not a mid-life crises...

That's what I want to tell myself anyway but my wife disagrees. That point some time in a man's life when he looks around goes, "Wait, what?!" You're hit full force with the reality that you're probably not where you expected or wanted to be at this point and that it'll never happen. Some guys buy Porsches (I would if I could afford it) some guys sink into depression. Some guys take a year off and end up switching careers.

Yeah, I did the latter. After 10 years of hustling media production, networking, posting, more networking, more posting, more hustling I shut it all down and *almost* didn't do anything for over a year and got only a little depressed. So what happened?

I'm not entirely sure it was one thing and I think it had been building over the last couple of years. I think there was some burnout- after a year of hustling high-end film production, the work wasn't here. It was going to be elsewhere and we didn't want to move. If we did move, it'd be starting from scratch and is this what I wanted to start from scratch with? Did I have the chops? Probably not. Something else then? Well, my resume doesn't neatly fit any corporate HR boxes and I make more money with my investment income than I would starting out in a new career strapped to a desk at $30k/yr. We just had a fourth child, we recently moved into a house that quickly overwhelmed me. All of that kind of swamped me.

So 2018 rolls by and I hadn't done much except work on the house, help out the church with media work and take some pictures on my new Fuji X100f. I did spend the first part of the year developing a 60 page investment proposal for my ATM business growth plan. That didn't work out though. Oh, and I stayed up late with a newborn.

I needed to do *something* though. I'm too young and active to retire and I think that's a dumb idea anyway. I started exploring and somehow ended up looking at voice acting. Given my original trade was radio/audio production, you're expected to work from home a lot, you can make decent money, and I love talking into microphones, I thought it was worth exploring.

Might have been a bad idea made in the midst of a mid-life crises though.

With my 4th...at a bike shop in Red Lodge.


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