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It’s a Failed Hard Drive

Amongst editing the Leadership Module, I decided to make an attempt to discover what’s wrong with my Macbook Pro. After pulling the utilities that come with the Applecare Protection Plan, I discovered it’s a bad hard drive. This would also explain the read/write issues and the failure to completely copy.

After talking with the Apple rep, we opened a case, and found a local shop that can do the work. Problem is I need to to get things off that HDD. I back my computers up regularly. It’s a must if you’re going to survive in a digital world. At work, my stuff is normally saved on the network drives. My footage on redundant arrays and the Drobo. And when I’m on the road, Mozy works really, really well. BUT, I haven’t had a chance to back up the most recent work since I got back from Asia.

Due to the read/write issues, it’s taking a very, very long time. But I think it’s still quicker than reconstructing the Pr projects, AE comps and importing everything again. My Finder reports another 18 hours on those. Then, I *should* have everything.

So the laptop will go to the shop. But the new Mac Pro will be here on Thursday. I’m very excited about this. Without going into a lot of detail, getting the dedicated edit machine wasn’t really possible at the time everything came together. it is now. So the new setup will look something like this:

2.93GHZ Mac Pro 6GB RAM (to be updated to 16 at a later date) 640GB OS Drive 4 1TB HDDs for something…(currently mirrored sets of Asia footage) 1TB Lacie for regular Time Machine type backups 4TB Drobo for all dedicated production files and such RME Multiface audio interface GeForce 8000GT graphics (only currently supported card for PPro/AE and OSX) Blackmagic Intensity Pro for Playback and maybe some capture 17″ and 19″ Samsung displays for working 24″ HP monitor for playback/color (couldn’t swing the $$ for the Dreamcolor though) Spyder calibration RME Quadmic Mic preamps Mackie MR5 audio monitors. Although, I might bring the KRK RP5s in from the house for good measure. Adobe CS3 for video, animation and graphics(upgrade to CS4 maybe) Nuendo 4 for audio including video post

Most of this is a mish-mash of equipment I own and the ministry owns, but it’s just plain easier to do it here so I’ll be utilizing it all here for the time being. I’m looking forward to completing renders way, way quicker and adding capability for real time playback without rendering while working. This will also free up the iMac which is a power-house machine for anything but video for some of the intensive design and layout work we have going on around here.


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