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Indie Doc Production in Asia: The Packing List

I’m packed. I’ll post the short list of gear. (All in this bag here—->)

  1. Video camera

  2. Still Camera

  3. 2 lenses for still cam

  4. Computer

  5. Zoom H4N

  6. Shotgun Mic

  7. Cam Light

  8. VR Mini

  9. 2 extra 500GB HDDs for VR Mini

  10. 1TB LaCie (as a backup drive source)

  11. Assorted nuts and bolts

  12. Required cables and wiring

  13. Tripod

That’s the gist of it. My checklist is detailed down to the last item but that’s what I take when going overseas to do these one man docs. If you want to see a sample of what the quality is on a finished shoot like this, check out the India Short here:


Here’s the plan:

I fly from Billings to KL (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) through Seattle and Taipei tonight. I meet up with my director for a few days in KL where we hash out the final story structure while working through the footage I got when I was over there in February. Once this is done, we’ll nail down our shot list for Dhaka. In Bangladesh, the camera turns on, never shuts off and I start capturing life for a brand-new young church in that country. We’ll log at night and I’ll be uploading some vids hopefully on a fairly regular updates as things progress. I’m in Dhaka for a couple weeks then off to Manila to rejoin my wife (who leaves Dhaka a week before I do) who’s doing some work with doctoral students for Peacemaker Ministries. It’s going to be a really cool trip. So join me, share it with people who’d be interested and let me know what you think!

Right now though, I’m backing up my Macbook Pro…the last time I went, the HDD died a few days after getting back 😕


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