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In Dallas, at our Annual Conference

So I probably won’t be updating this much this week. I’ll be on Twitter, but took over our non-profit’s blog at: Route59.org. So look for me over there if you’re interested in what I’m up to this week. I’m mostly working on getting a short testimony piece ready for one of our general sessions. I have the India documentary premiering, as well as the Leadership Opportunity promo, and then a short opener animation that won’t be online, but I’m working on finalizing today.

Bookstore Hallway

Other than that, it’s some A/V work and general “answer the call of necessity” type work. So, I look forward to blogging more about some of the stuff going on this week, but it’ll probably show up next week.

For you geeks out there, I’m working in Adobe via my MacbookPro with a FW800 LaCie external HDD. I’m using my Lexar CF FW800 reader to pull the footage from my CF cards on the Z7U. Also being tested is the new Cineform build- hopefully fixing some of the conversion issues I was having last week. I’m set up in an unused meeting room that’s holding our boxes, bookstore stock, printer and other stuff at a 6′ table surrounded by gear.

So from the great state of Texas, cheers!


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