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Imbibed Fireworks

Occasionally, I want you to get to know me a little bit. Well, my wife posted this on her blog:

And now, a story for you inspired by Addie’s post on the 4th of July fireworks: I was at a work-related BBQ last night and a man from the middle of Wyoming was telling us about the Independence Day celebrations where he’s from. “It’s got the highest rate of fireworks purchases per capita in the country!” he said. (I’m not sure if this was conjecture or an actual statistic.) “Everybody buys hundreds of dollars work of big fireworks — and the policemen buy twice as much because the fireworks stands give them a discount — and starting at about 11:00 in the morning, they’re blowing them off. And there’s no ‘open container law’ on the 4th, so people are wandering around in the streets with their open containers all day.” Now, where I’m from (the nexus of MT/WY culture), cultural commentary like this would go unspoken: it would be like a fish trying to describe water. Of course you buy big fireworks. Of course you, um, imbibe all day while blowing them off. Why the big eyes while I’m telling you this? “You’re not a Wyoming native, are you?” I queried. Nope, he’s from Oregon. I knew it! I love my roots 🙂

And I love my wife! I thought that was so cool, I had to share it.


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