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I'm Taking a Gander at Canon (Video) at NAB

XF 105

So, I have this box called the Cinedeck- takes any camera known to man for the most part that outputs over HDMI or HD-SDI. So while I originally started hunting around for some old, used, cheap, legacy cameras on Ebay I bumped into some older Canons that came close to fitting the bill: CCD, small, under $5K, etc.

Then I noticed a listing at B&H: Canon XF 105. 1/3″ 1920×1080 at 4:2:2 listing at $3999, it’s little brother with an HDMI vs. HD-SDI comes in at a grand cheaper. To quote one of my favorite new (to me) shows, Psych, “WHAT?!” Then I saw the tiny little little XA10- nearly the same as the XF100 (AVCHD vs. MPEG-2 & 4:2:0) at $2K.

So at NAB, I’m going to take my Cinedeck, tromp over to the Canon booth and request to record test footage out of each. The camera world is finally waking up to fine image quality at *finally* reasonable prices.


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