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I Have a Public Facebook Page

So check it out and let me know how you feel about it: www.jayfriesen.com/fb

I made mention a while ago about the evolving nature of social media, how it ebbs and flows and constantly changes. As such, the user can’t expect it to remain the same and must also re-evaluate their use. This is exactly what I’ve been doing towards the end of last year. I did come to some conclusions and make a few changes that I wasn’t expecting. One of those was in regards to Facebook.

Like any discriminating internet user, I am always aware of the content I put out there. I made the decision about 3 years ago that when someone Googles my name, I want them to find the content that I put there. In doing so, I knew there was a fair chunk of information I wanted to share and express that’s not professionally appropriate- things like my thoughts on religion and politics, family photos and comments or photos of how I spend my free time. Things that aren’t in any way bad, I just don’t want the whole word knowing.

One of the biggest things in this regard was Facebook. I use it almost entirely to keep touch with family and share things in my life. But as my network grew, so did my Facebook circle of contacts. I found myself quickly bumping against content I wanted my family to see but not @johnsmith from Twitter who wanted to connect with me on Facebook. So, I locked my account down and culled my list from 500 to 200. Then the requests started piling up again and I just ignored them.

I made the call this year to launch a “Public Page” for myself. Not in any way a narcissistic act, but knowing people do want to connect with me via FB but I don’t want them to know what my wife and I did for or anniversary. So I launched one. Please connect with me there. I’ll see how it works but I expect it to be fairly low maintenance. All my regular content will be streamed there- Twitter (although not updating status), Flickr for my photography, XR and YouTube for my vid work, and any blog posts here. All identical to my regular FB account expect with the removal of very personal, un-public/professional related things.


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