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Honored By Good Relationships

Last night I had the priviledge, indeed, the honor of hanging out with some Twitter-come-real-life friends while in NYC this weekend. Two things struck me as being awesome about the get-together.

The first is that these chaps are solid, hard-working professionals (and know where to get great Chinese) but more importantly, they’re extremely low-key and relationship-oriented. It was evident by the work and relationships didn’t (and don’t) define who they are as people. That spoke volumes about them as individuals and how the treat, and consequently, work with others.

And the second (and my favorite part of the night) was realizing that two of these guys that live in the same city didn’t know each other. Knowing I was the catalyst for bringing these two awesome guys together was the highlight of my evening. I would work with both of them in a heartbeat and now they can work with each other. It’ll be really fun to see what their collective minds can bring in to the world.

I really love seeing awesome people come together.


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