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HDHC Plans and a new Series

This summer is pretty slow for me and the doc is now in it’s closing stages so I have some time to consider what I want to do, where I want to go as a filmmaker, other such creative things and even if I want to do anything else! I’m hoping summer helps stave this burn-out and frustration I’m feeling. But anyway…

HDHC Plans

Half Devil Half Child is officially paid for through production to the tune of almost $70,000. We’d like a bit more to pay some key personnel (like me) doing most of the work, but at least it’ll be finished. The plans for which it was created will be met and those that asked for it to be made are happy with the results. We’ve decided at this point to distribute via Amazon with a release date of November 1. Claymore Pictures is doing the audio editing and finish, Asian electronic artist Reanimated Soul is composing the soundtrack and I’ll be doing the grading and finishing and final master creation at Red Futon Films. Because we raised money on a donation level, we aren’t planning to make money on it. The primary donors to want to the word out about the film’s topic.

A New Series

I’m going to start the oft-talked about series on microbrews this fall. It’ll be ideally, a series of five doc shorts on the local breweries here in town. Their circumstances, beers, and crowd are all unique and have different stories. I’m not sure what the angle is going to be yet. I need to do some initial interviews with them which I hope to start in July/August.

I’m excited about this series for a couple reasons: the first being that I’m going to take an entirely different approach to the process in an effort to get out of this plateau I’ve felt I’ve been in for the last couple years. Instead of a shoot first and make a film with what I get approach, I’m going to do a lot more planning upfront and even storyboard things. This process I feel will do a  couple things to aid getting over this plateau. The first is rearranging my thinking about the doc. Thus, by changing the process of filming I’ll consequently have a fresh approach. The second is that by being far more intentional about what I shoot, I’ll engage more creative faculties in the concept stage rather than engaging them in the editing and finish stages.

The second reason I’m excited about the series is that it’ll be a consistent five part series all planned as a whole from the start. Not only do I want each short to have a its own storyline, but I want all five pieces to play off the previous in a larger narrative. The final reason I’m excited about it is that it’s the most recent passion idea of mine. I haven’t worked on something  as a “fun piece” since Crazyrad in early 2010 which ended up being completely spontaneous but really enjoyable. I think my encroaching burn out is due to a) working on the same project for the last year and b) not having anything that’s really inspired me in the last couple years to work on.

Interestingly, this new series might actually become the forerunner to a project in development right now where I’ll be EP and produce. I’m working with my partner who will be the Director and Creative Director of the entire project. More on that later.


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