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First Thoughts on Resolve

It arrived an hour early that it was supposed to this morning at 9:30am. I was in the midst of calibrating my monitor (as well as I could with my HDLinkPro frying last night). I already had 7.0.2 installed and was simply waiting for the dongle.


I started off with issues. It couldn’t connect to it’s database. There is an option for a server side database, but Resolve is set to include one upon install. This wasn’t happening. After a little digging and hitting up my buddy at Blackmagic Designs, I got this email back which fixed the issue:

Manual Uninstallation: 1) Stop the server sudo /sbin/SystemStarter stop postgresql-8.4 2) Remove menu shortcuts: sudo rm -rf /Applications/PostgreSQL 8.4 3) Remove the ini file sudo rm -rf /etc/postgres-reg.ini 4) Removing Startup Items sudo rm -rf /Library/StartupItems/postgresql-8.4 5) Remove the data and installed files sudo rm -rf /Library/PostgreSQL/8.4 6) Delete the user postgres sudo dscl . delete /users/postgres

All good. I had the manual up as I was going through but setup and config was pretty straight forward. I selected all the necessary settings for my project. Now to get it out of Avid…

Edit to Grade

This was certainly proving to be a challenge since EDL Manager on both machines was not working with Avid. AAF Export WOULD work if I had the DNxHD plugin (which I’ll be getting), but I don’t so…export QT Ref file.

I placed the QT export out of Avid on my server where I wanted to work from and having already configured Resolve to look there, the file was ready to go. Cineform is SOL on Mac right now with Resolve so I went with BMD 10bit codec in the QT file.

Before adding to the media pool, I right-clicked and sent it to Resolve’s scene cutter. Results were perfect. The cutter is really intuitive as well. I would trust. After checking the edits, simply select “split” and my QT file is now split at each scene and loaded in the media pool ready to grade.

At the same time I select “Save EDL” of the recent scene cut. In the Conform “room”, I import this EDL and navaigate to the folder my files are in. New timeline is now ready to grade.

And well, grading is grading. There are many key things I’d like to map the Wave to, but right now, that’s not quite available yet but coming I hear. I haven’t looked at getting all these graded clips out of Resolve yet, nor how to update timelines in the event of edit changes.

Overall, it’s wicked fast


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