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First Pass Digital Bolex Grab

A friend pointed me to the Digital Bolex clips today. Naturally, being the color junky I am, I had to play with them. I’ve always found I get best results when I spend time tweaking my RAW decoding first. For instance, with the Ikonoskop footage, I found it easiest to ditch those pink highlights by adjusting the RAW decoding parameters and in the case of the Digital Bolex, I can lose those ugly green-tinged highlights as well. In Resolve, I found a nice balance and got the most pleasing results by setting my RAW decode to P3 colorspace, REC709 gamma, and a 4500 color temp. On this footage, I bumped the exposure up a stop. This gave me a nice starting point. Naturally, as you start to process your RAW footage, that’ll change sometimes down to the clip! But by spending sometime tweaking here, you can spend more time getting jiggy with it later on.

Here’s a JPEG compressed version of what I came up with to get something nice and neutral before I being the full-go grading. This might be where I’d get it prior to editing, or whatever. Point being, it’s mostly the decode settings with contrast and saturation boosted and and a blue offset adjustment (also known as my first node…lol). You can download my DPX here if you real feel like wanting to see the true(r) version.

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