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FCP Timeline Before/After Resolve Prep

I’m stoked to be working on Fourth Line Film’s new doc Wrestling for Jesus- a tragic yet fun southern smackdown on a subculture of Christianity.

They sent me the drive with the full FCP project on it but only the necessary media. I still had quite a bit of clean up to do before I shot it over to DaVinci Resolve. The first step was to get everything back online which took just over an hour or so. Then I had a few other offline file issues but fixed those in another hour. Once that was finished, it was time to bring everything down to a single timeline. So I copied the timeline and consolidated all the video tracks.

After that, I checked the project to make sure everything was in sync then exported a stereo master track of the audio. I decided I want the audio in Resolve to help with keeping the feel of the film while I grade. The music is playing a critical role in this project and evokes a certain feeling. While grading to it, I can let the emotion of the music appropriately influence some of the grade and where I want to take the film visually. The producer is giving me a light hand to be a bit more artistic with it for which I’m grateful.

The final timeline is below. Bringing it in to Resolve is going to be another post altogether.




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