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Encouragement and Compliment Goes a Long Way

I’m pretty sure it’s just fine if I post this. Most of you know I work for a faith-based organization full-time. I’m finalizing the first edit on the promotional video of a new resource that’s just come out. My VP, also the Exec. Producer on the project just sent this out this morning:

To the VP/director team: In the melee that is life at the moment, it may have passed your attention that “The Leadership Opportunity” is now in full-scale production. It’s all finished and we’re now making it!!! I cannot overstate what an incredible amount of work Fred and JR have done to get it there: Remember we are talking about a 100+ page study guide, 14 professionally shot and edited video lessons (oh…not forgetting we built the studio ourselves!!), a leaders guide, a quick start guide, a supplementary materials binder, a completely new design, conference display materials, a completely new DVD promo, and a customized version of a book. And… most fun of all…. If you add up the budget for this little project, it‘s probably about 1/10 of what a commercial company would have spent on the market research alone. It’s a joke how cheap we did this. Most of you on copy also played important roles in the project, and I don’t in any way want to minimize that, but to produce something in this quality, for this cost, in this timeframe bears a huge testimony to God’s faithfulness, and Fred and JR’s skill and diligence. In one week you‘ll see a big display at conference, and a LOT of shiny boxes. Please pause to thank God for His incredible faithfulness and the diligence of the product development team. I’ve been responsible for a lot of new products in my life, but I’ve never been prouder of one than this. Let’s pray God uses it beyond our wildest imaginations. Tim

That says a lot from a guy (Tim, my VP) who, still coaches the CEO’s of Fortune 50 companies. If you’re in charge of a project, encourage your team, frequently, often, and give them credit where credit is due. This most certainly boosted my morale this morning!

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