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Editing DSLR Doc Style – No Clue

I’ve had this T2i for a while now and only really put up pretty video photo albums essentially. Over the last couple weeks I’ve started in on a new doc series for a local church. In addition, I did a quick short about a 16yo kid who built a glowing, fiberglass Iron Man suit.

I started cutting last night. The one element of DSLR video production that has eluded me is in a doc style format, how the hell do you match up the audio? I know you’re thinking “sync dummy.” But that’s not what I’m referring to. I’m referring to a 10 minute section that was synced but I may only use a few seconds about 6 times in the course of my film.

So I have to sync before the edit. I dumped it on all into Media Composer and basically built sequences for each clip that has sync audio. Then, instead of pulling the clips into the source window, I’ll just pull the sequence into the source window and edit from that. Avid makes that wicked easy.

Is this the “proper” way to do it? I’d much rather just edit the clips and sync up audio when I’m done in post, but in a doc world. Not practical. Thoughts? What do YOU do?


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