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Edit Day = Slow

Now that I’m here, we’re going over them and conceptualizing the story based on the information we have. We then watch the segments we’re inclined to use while I make subclips of those. My director then writes down that information in Scrivener for later use when I’m doing the edit from America. It’s fairly straight forward but really requires a lot of thinking. We’re using the original treatment and outline as a basis, but naturally with unscripted work, things change because as much as you try and control it, people don’t always say what you’re hoping they’ll say, or they say it just differently enough to change things up.

We were also able to nail down a little bit of the schedule for Bangladesh. It’s been a bit up in the air. Frankly, it still is but we can roll with it. We have a pretty good handle one what we want to capture and the questions we want to ask when we’re over there and really helps. Not to mention my director is simply phenomenal at getting people talking and interacting.

So more of the same editing tomorrow. Maybe over coffee or beer or something in town vs. the bedroom we were in this morning.

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