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Serial did it though, WBEZ created a rejuvination of something over 10 years old. That’s like a print magazine by today’s standards but there I was on Twitter talking about it with a friend. Then a couple people over the holiday hit me up asking if we’d start our podcast up again.

I’ll keep my podcasting thoughts to myself but needless to say, I’m now talking to Libsyn about publishing. The main reason we canned the podcast is because a) radio’s dead b) iTunes was really the only place to put them (and they’re only half the mobile marketplace) and c) they were the biggest PITA to publish!! This is like the only area that doing something audio-only is more difficult than video.

Whatever. We’re happy with Glorystone on our website. Libsyn offers some pretty killer options too though: our own apps, and easy one-click publishing to a variety of places. I do not foresee Libsyn replacing Glorystone at this point though. Having always-on streaming on our website really adds a lot presence. The problem is that we fall into another gap (Dead Reckoning falls into a lot of gaps) by being being on the internet as a sort-of video podcast but not really.

We’re sort of a video podcast because we do video on the internet but not really as a podcast. Video podcasts simply add cameras to their audio podcasts which are run far more like informal, radio talkshows than anything else. We put a lot more effort into our show: writing, planning, multi-cam production work etc. Suffice to say, video delivery plays as much of a role as audio does unlike most video podcasts which are filmed on the fly via live streaming software.

Which brings me to my point. I’d love to feed our entire show through say, a Libsyn-based application for brand-id’d mobile platform distribution, but with 3 new shows coming online this spring, we are WAY over their intended bandwidth. Audio and by association, video podcasts take up way less digital overhead.

But unfortunately, there is no one-stop shop for digital distro. It’s a dance. A disco even. I never liked disco. I’ll let you know what we end up doing.

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