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Dead Reckoning Distribution Challenges

This morning I woke to another notice by Oneload.com that I’m in violation of their terms of service. I say “another” because it’s the second time I’ve had this happen, the first being Dailymotion.com because we had a web link at the end of our video. I’m guessing that’s the reason this time around but I’m waiting to hear from them about that.

Next season, we’re converting everything to a one hour talk/interview show on the web. We’re going to break each episode up into individual segments. Each segment runs about 15-20 minutes long and each week will have 4-5 segments. This by itself limits the channels because only a handful of channels allow for videos that long, in that amount.

An obvious solution is to self-host everything using Amazon S3 or something, and put out trailers and teasers and hope to drive people back to our website. This isn’t something we want to do because one of our goals is to be where the people are and the people are on YouTube, Facebook, etc. The other major problem as I started out with above is that most of these outlets won’t let you upload a video if there’s a web link in it (which is ironic due to all the pirated content on the same channels which are okay).

So you can’t promote and drive back on other channels because you can’t tell people where to go.

This does seem to be a good reason to actually develop a brand vs. a one-off piece of media. Ideally, each of the segments will stand on their own and if people are inclined to want more, they’ll search for it. Despite my annoyance, we either need to change our model to match what will be accepted by the delivery mechanisms in today’s web video marketplace or find a way to deliver what we want but work within the system.

I guess this is what happens when you attempt to do something nobody’s doing but maybe there’s good reason for that? HA!

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