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Dadlife, Biking and Winter

I haven’t been on my bike since labor day weekend. Since that day, my desire to ride has gone down and my desire for dark beer has gone up. I also had a new baby girl show up in the family in October. So I confess, biking hasn’t been on the top of my to-do list.

I somehow found a nice balance last summer with just a 1.5 year old to find time to get in some rides. During his afternoon naps were good times and on Saturday mornings, I’d drop him off at grandpa and grandmas to enjoy a big pancake breakfast, Looney Tunes and play time while I got in my “long ride.”

Now winter’s here, snow is on the ground, my snowboard is begging to be ridden down a hill, I have two children and a wife who battle for my attention and waning pedal desire. Can I at least run? I’ll probably find the time like I was able to last year, but it’s tough when your family is a priority.

So I’ll clean my bike, take it out on mild winter days and enjoy the time participating in a few other snow sports. And when I’m done, I’ll tackle my boy.

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