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CS5 Multicam & Current Project

I got back last week from working in Egypt and Asia for the last month and dove straight into post on a teaching resource for the non-profit. It includes 8 30-minute sessions. It was a 3 camera shoot on 2 different cameras down in Texas in April by another production company.

I decided to use CS5’s multicam function on it. I wasn’t impressed with the performance (or lack thereof) on CS4. I’m very pleased to say that CS5 is outperforming my expectations! It’s solid, fast and does an auto-resolution during playback to make sure things stay real-time. And it’s fast, wicked fast. I’m doing a real-time playback grabbing shots then going through once more to tweak each edit with my roller.

Also what I noticed is that the cameras weren’t white balanced on the first day. You can see below the difference in the shots between days 1 and 2. Camera 3 was by far the worst. Although after the day 2 adjustment it appears cameras 1 and 2 differ from day 1 as well. It looks like I’ll be settling on a look on day two (and 3) then moving that into day 1. Going to be challenging but I already have 3 different ways I can fix it.  More on that later when I get to it.

Day 1 Original Take

Day 2 Retake


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