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On my recent trip to Atlanta, I identified the follow up to Crafted dubbed right now, Crafted 2. It involves ties and Haiti and, like All Souls Ale, is headed up by a microbrewery. I think these stories are really cool. They hearken back to the philosophy made large by Guinness of not simply using beer to facilitate community, but to give back and enable community through goodwill efforts. I’m stoked about it but I’ll be holding off about a year before moving forward on the project.

In a perfect world, Crafted will have had a chance to percolate, get watched and generate a small following. At this point, I think I’ll Kickstart Crafted 2. Sure, these projects are good passion projects and all, but the calling in favors and getting pushed to the back of the line in post-production because you’re not paying a fair wage just sucks and drags these things out a long time. It’d be even better if I could find a sponsor for these. I’d like to continue highlighting these community, non-profit efforts by microbreweries over the long-term but as with anything, it costs money to make movies.

Anyway, I’m stoked. The photo above is a wall at Monday Night Brewing.

Crafted Official Trailer:


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