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Conference Doc Work in LA

I’ve had a lot I’ve wanted to write about but work as pretty much taken ultimate priority. There’s a lot going on, Unheralded’s about wrapped with it’s screening in November. Wrestling for Jesus which we’re doing the grading on, is coming up quick and a veritable host of other changes and prep for our 2012 release documentary (more forthcoming).

For now, I’m headed to LA on Tuesday. The first part of the week will be doing some documentary work with the non-profit here whose staff are keynoting at a conference at Biola. I’m doing some during-conference-production as well; cutting up some MOS interviews for playback during the final keynote.

I’ll be staying over several days (Saturday-Tuesday) to meet and hang out with people. The list is as long as my arm and includes everyone from old friends to studio execs to CEOs. I’ll be staying with a new friend I met via Twitter (how cool is that?). We have like-minded worldviews, interests, and strong family orientation and I’m really looking forward to it.

So for those I’ve already connected with: look forward to getting together!


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