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Color Correcting the Minaret

Sometimes a grade, or in this case, a basic correction just make me go wow. I’m amazed by a couple of things. First, the amount of image information and detail a camera actually contains when you look at a shot that’s totally blown. And secondly, the power of color correction. I’m kind of in awe that I could pull this out of a way over-exposed (horrible camera guy…yeah, me) and massively compressed piece of footage. But that little Sony Z7U captured more than I thought!

Original Image

Correction 1: A reverse s-curve  I’m not sure there’s a right or wrong here. This just happened to be what gave me the best results to bring back some of the information.

Correction 2: Re-introduce the contrast, add noise reduction

Correction 3: Six-vector: yellow preset 

Correction 4: Soft clipping on the highlights, adjust red offset (printer lights), add saturation A few remaining adjustments to match the rest of the shots.

In most cases, for myself anyway, I find the best results in any correction come without pushing any of your hues or L/G/G controls around. These controls are great, but are really fine stroke tools when broad stroke tools tend to work just as well and quicker. They also save me from adding a lot of false color which introduces noise.


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