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CinedeckHD: It Lives

My friend Salah got his beta model today. He blessed all of us by broadcasting the unboxing live on UStream. If you want a little more info about this box then you can check out their site [Cinedeck.com] and/or check  in on our Twibes every now and then [CinedeckHD Twibe].

Why do I like this thing so damn much?

  1. It’s a mobile, direct-to-disk recorder with a 7″ touch screen monitor.

  2. It works with any camera that outputs over HD-SDI and HDMI

  3. It has a slew of software-based recording options: 2K, 1080, 720, SD, 444, 422, Raw, Compressed, .MOV, .AVI, .MXF, (DPX-C by NAB)- Pick your poison.

  4. It’s got a 7″ touchscreen with grids, overlays, histograms, VU meters, etc. etc.

  5. It’s getting LUTs you can overlay while recording.

  6. It’s v-mount battery and AC powered.

What this means is that I can use virtually any camera on the market. Going by the math, the number of big projects I do does not justify a purchase but rentals. This means I’m not tied to a given codec/hardware technology that may work here, but but not there. Plus, I can use a D21 here, a 7D there and my Z7U over there. This means I can use a full frame 5D or V1U on the same project and get the same 1080 4:2:2 picture. VDSLR users, note audio and 12min. record limit need not apply here. I am free to choose the type of camera based on sensor, lenses and options vs. codec and bitrate and feature constraints.

In post, this also means no multi-format timeline issues. It’s all Cineform .MOV, .AVI, or .MXF files. Or raw 2K if I so please. This leaves me with a TON of room in choosing platform, NLE and overall workflow. Granted you have to be okay using Cineform or adopting the workflow- I have been for the last year and a half and don’t have any intention of switching any time soon. (You may argue that ProRes is awesome. Indeed, it is. However, that ties me to FCP and I want to remain OPEN to tools.)

Indeed, this is cool. I *plan* to throw one in my backpack whilst I run around the middle east with a 7D in April-ish.

From the unboxing today (The videos don’t show in all browsers- *imagine that* so click here to watch on UStream):




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