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Cinedeck: Where you Can Find Me @NABShow

Cinedeck Booth # SL12116

Okay peeps, last post until likely after the NAB Show…probably going to be too busy to do any blogging, but Tweeting will be rocking I’m sure. I’m working for Cinedeck this year. I’ll be around to walk you through the box, look at workflows with all the apps: Adobe, Apple, Avid etc. I’ll have my personal CDK there as well as my laptop and all my production goodies in case you want me to demo workflow.

In addition, we’ll have the Cinedeck hooked up to a few cameras at the booth:

  1. Sony F23

  2. Sony FS100

  3. Panasonic AG-3DA1

  4. Yours

You’ll also see the Cinedeck at partner booths Sony, Hitachi and Cineform

Also, if you want to bring any other camera over to hook up, come by and see me and we can play with it! I want to try and get around with my box this year and test out a bunch of the new crop of cams with the Cinedeck. In addition to this, I’m excited to say we’ll have a Scratch set up provided to use by Assimilate.

Why is a Scratch grading setup at the booth so freakin’ cool? Because, it’s not just about the image off the lens, it’s about the finished image off the lens. You want to evaluate captured footage off the Cindeck right? From your camera? Or the Camera you want? Then by all means! Let’s do it! I’m a professional colorist (although never used Scratch) and more than happy to throw some colors around for you.

This allows you, the director, DP, produce to effectively evaluate your captured footage via the Cindeck in a relatively finished capacity, or just to look at it how it handles pushing around. If time and opportunity allows, we can capture some stuff at the show via the Cindeck and via on-board camera, the convert and bring in to Scratch and see how it looks. I haven’t done this so it could be a lot of fun. Of course, I was also told we’re not going to have a grade monitor at the booth so we can compare uncalibrated images and scopes 😉

The Cinedeck Extreme is just a part of an overall workflow. So let’s look at it as such- yes, I’m working for them this year, but it’s by choice. This box fits all my work and fits it well, plus it’s flexible as hell so come by and talk to me/us/whoever about it.

I’m looking forward to talking with you and hanging out!


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