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Cinedeck Update, NAB and and Other Things

Quick update, I talked with Mr. Cinedeck himself late last week and we both decided it’d be best if he got my unit (technically @Salah_Baker’s) updated and brought it to NAB. I did grab some footage off of it though I’ll get posted up later today. Otherwise, I’ll be dragging one around NAB with me and working on testing any DSLRs I find as well as other things. I heard a rumor about getting my hands on an F23 as well, so that plus a Cinedeck would be much fun. However, I’ll have to see what’s up with that when I get there.

Speaking of NAB, I’ll in participating in the All in Film poker tournament. Look for the loudmouth, cigar-chomping, tattooed, bearded, black glasses bald guy with some whiskeys in front of him…also, the piles of chips will be a dead giveaway for me too *wishful thinking* I made a comment a couple weeks ago about going after Shane Hurlbut (@HurlbutVisuals) like Christian Bale on set, but he might not have a sense of humor and its always bad form to rag on someone when you don’t even know them…

Back to NAB…

I plan to be visiting with my friends at the following booth locations and maybe spouting out unnecessary advice to unsuspecting people at: Cinedeck (@Cinedeck), Cineform (@David_Newman), Avid (@MediaComposer), Adobe (@Beatlejase) and Matrox. Yes, these are my weapons of choice and I’m on the official beta crew for two of them, but I can’t say who. I might also do a brief stop-in at Zacuto only to rip on them for how expensive their stuff is or the fact that…well, I’ll think of something to rag Sue (@Zacuto_Sue) about- She did say I’d better watch my back at NAB since I think I’ve made myself a target for her Z-Finder ninja stars or something like that.

You WILL NOT find me at anything related to FCP or R3D- so don’t go looking. Not because they don’t do good stuff but because I don’t use FCP and R3D has nothing to offer (insert vaporware joke here).

Salah and I will be attempting to do some vlogging (mainly about said Cinedeck we’ll be loafing around with but don’t expect @FreshDV out of us. It’s more for our own posterity- well mine anyway. But with Salah and Cineform there’s bound to be some 3D in there somewhere.

Overall, I’m greatly looking forward to learning during Post Production World, hanging out with all my friends- making most of these online relationships face-to-face for the first time, getting my hands  on actual gear (I have NOTHING in this small town to actually work with), meeting the people I’m working with on Beta as well as just the general vibe. Should be a grand party and I hope to see you there too.

Here’s me looking rather goofy (which is mostly normal):


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