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Cinedeck Solo

Incidentally, I’m using the WordPress app from my iPod touch; very nice. And the hotel has a consistently running toilet.

Anyway, I’m in Miami now until Monday when we take the charter into Havana. Tomorrow looks like a day of patio or beach drinking and Sunday doing some deep sea fishing.

On to the point of this post. After being overly pleased with the pre-production version of the Cinedeck in Cairo in June, I bought one. One of the duties it’s going to serve is as laptop replacement. So not only will it take my feed off the camera in the field, but I can offload to HDDs and and log as well. Currently, it’s charging my Blackberry that went dead on the plane.

I’m moving much of my field communication activities to smart devices due to their size (phones, pads etc) and the fact they run on cell service- which is in place in nearly every location on the planet you’ll need it. No hunting for wi-fi which is a bit dodgy-er.

So I plan on jotting down my thoughts on the Cinedeck’s functionality as a laptop replacement in the field and recap them here when I have the time. I’ll post photos as I’m able to as well.

I’d love to hear thoughts or comments or if you have any questions about it’s viability as a necessary tool for the working stiff on and off broadcast gigs. So post up if you’re inclined.


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