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Cinedeck Post-Cuba, Mexico and Beyond

It preformed very well. I didn’t take any A/B batteries this time round so I used it to capture off the Canon 7D. I was able to bypass the H.264 compression and go straight to Cineform, but it’s still an 8bit, 4:2:0 image. Being able to bypass the compression didn’t really add much on the interview content, that kind of capture I feel is better served when there’s a high level of motion in the content being recorded.

The included power supply cable is LONG. I think it’s a 15-20′ cable. I didn’t actually measure it, but I packed my 2 10′ extension cables and never pulled them out. The included torx wrench, in case one feels the need to geek out and pull the Cinedeck apart, also doubles as your pointer when dealing with the Windows side of the 7” touch screen. You can still use your finger but mine are much too fat. The included audio cable was all I needed to record sound directly to the Cinedeck from the wireless mic and video was over HDMI.

My client loved it because he was able to monitor the recording and picture from over my shoulder or standing next to me due to the easily viewable 7” screen. The monitor is focus critical and if you need more, you can apply edge detection. Naturally, the Cinedeck software allows you do all those fun, but necessary little things like histograms, waveform, cropmarks, grids etc. I installed Cineform’s Neo4K so I can do transcodes and First Light color adjustments in the field.

My opinions haven’t changed much since I first used in it Cairo. I liked it so much then I bought one the first part of this year. I’m glad I did. I can maintain the highest level of quality on my captured footage, maintain a consistent workflow that’s camera independent and use any camera on the market that outputs a signal allowing me to select the best camera for the job without compromising quality and still working fast with the direct-to-edit workflow.

I’m writing this from the plane on the way to northern Mexico to do some filming for my church. It’s tucked away in my Cinebags Revolution backpack (a new purchase I’ll be review after this trip) under the seat in front of me. The only difference with this shoot is that I’m capturing the HDMI off the Sony Z7U (audio embedded) and I’m going to capture direct to DnxHD 36 (I can choose any flavor but this will be fine web and projected deliverable. And I’m not packing any additional harddrives, instead desiring to keep everything on the Cinedeck’s dedicated 256GB SSD.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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