• Jay

Cinedeck in Mexico

You guys knew this one was coming. A bunch of Cinedeck porn 😉 As I mentioned prior, I’m recording direct to DNxHD this time. I just haven’t done it yet. So far, things have gone without a hitch. This shoot was almost entirely and exclusively interviews so I didn’t end up bringing portable power.

A benefit I never thought about before but has huge ramifications on my well-being is that because I spent the extra 90 seconds to set up the Cinedeck, I’m not spending an hour or two a night after the shoot offloading, transferring, and organizing my footage. I do all that right up front on the Cinedeck setting my folders and scenes and stuff.

I guess it just didn’t occur to me how much time I spent in the field doing that…on any tapeless media until I got back to my room and was like, wait a minute, I can email my wife and go to bed!


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