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Church Music: Don’t be selfish and demand your own way.

Church music is such a funny and maddening beast. I got to thinking about it as I was preparing Wednesday night’s music. Being the youth group music leader seems to lead most people to the belief that I’d love to hear how much they either love or hate our church’s Sunday music.

I hear something from different people almost every week- on both sides of the fence. I feel both are coming at it from the wrong source of evaluation. So two thoughts:

1. Content. The music is only a small part of the church’s morning liturgy, other parts of the liturgy include: reading of the word, preaching of the word, prayer, communion and fellowship. Each of these are, by design, intended to show you who God is- this most obvious in the preaching and teaching and music lyrics.

Which brings me to 2. Style. 

We all have different styles. We dig some, we don’t dig others. Everyone has a different style. Every church is made up of tens to thousands of people each with their own style. Consequently, every single church you’ll ever go to will have it’s own style. 

But is it Biblical?

Like anything related to church, it should point you to Christ first, fit your style second. Not being Biblical is a deal breaker, not being your style is personal decision. So as you evaluate our church, love it’s music, or hate it’s music, sleep during Preacher’s sermons or take 16 pages of notes, please:

If you dig the style: don’t let it become a source of pride or become a god. Be okay giving it up for the sake of your bother/sister/aunt/uncle/friend. Don’t be selfish and demand your own way.

If you don’t dig the style: either ask God to change your heart and be cool with your choice or find a place that’s more your style so you can freely worship without the interference. Don’t be selfish and demand your own way.

It’s easy to cause division. It’s much harder to sacrifice your desires for the sake of others or the unity of the Church.

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