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Change Playback Resolution in CS4- Cineform, Red

This is totally cheating and may not work for you. I saw a SLIGHT increase in performance on my 2.6DC Macbook Pro. I’ll preface this with context now:

For a while AE’s had the option to change the visual (playback) resolution of your composition when working in realtime. It’s intended to help you work a bit faster on slower machines. I’ve always wanted this feature in Premiere..now I do.

I recently switched to using Cineform QT files and for whatever reason, Premiere does struggle a bit playing them back on my dual core MBP (naturally) as well my 8Core MacPro. The quality is much nicer though so I’m going to stick with it. At the same time, I’m planning on getting the Red Scarlet when it releases. So I hit up a friend for some Red files and downloaded the Red plugin for Premiere so I could check out CS4’s native Red editing…I’ll admit, I wanted to know if I could edit on a laptop 🙂

Well, I found something cool. Red’s plugin allows me to choose the playback resolution of my Premiere timeline! Naturally, I’m’ like, I can use this…on every project! So here’s how I configured my MBP for best performance (via Cineform’s Rec’s and personal testing):

Set up Cineform by turning off the file processing presets under the Cineform preferences in your Sytem Prefs folder:

Setup your project with a Red Cinema preset (I chose 2K with a 1920×1080 timeline tweaked elsewhere to meet Cineform’s recommendation):

Select your playback resolution! (remember, it’s assuming your using 4k files so you won’t see the loss in quality until 1/2 or 1/4 resolution):

Again, I saw LIMITED, SLIGHTLY better performance when I did this. Enough to make it worth my while. Like I said, pretty much cheating, but Red did awesome by me including the ability to change resolution.

And yes, I can edit native Red files on my laptop 😉


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