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Canon T2i/550D HDMI Output Footages

*Please note: I’ve gotten huge traffic from this post and looked the responses on all the forums: I am not doing a simultaneous record to camera and MXO- this is ONLY the MXO while the camera is not recording so the image/capture below is indeed a cropped 1080i there is no simultaneous HDMI output when recording to the internal media- hope that helps*

I got my T2i in the mail about three hours ago so while I was doing some audio capture on one machine, I ran out and bought a mini HDMI to HDMI cable and hooked the T2i up to my MXO2 Mini.

Here’s a screen capture of the the captured source:

I dumped into Cineform’s ReMaster which told me it was a 1326mbits stream *EDIT* I was told this is the same regardless of pre/post stream* I’ve never tested this crap so cut me slack ;)- stream notes are identical to the uncompressed HDMI output on my Z7U. I converted it to Cineform 4:4:4 with pulldown removal and ended up with a cropped 1920x1080p24 clip.

Ideally, I would dump it into First Light and apply an offset 2.35:1 crop on it. However, that stupid little focus box (even with focus off) just sits there a few pixels above the bottom crop. If there was no gray bar on the top, I could be fine with the offset and mark my camera during a shoot.

What does work if you want to do this, is bring your transcoded piece into your project and apply a 2.35:1 or 2.40:1 crop and expand the clip slightly in a 720 timeline- perfect (esp. for web). You might want to keep a stock of wide angles around though. Keep in mind if you want to shoot this way you’ll want to mark your Cinedeck or computer monitor because guess what?

No LCD readout when the HDMI is plugged in- none, nada, zip, zilch, nothing. Hit video record on the T2i and you lose BOTH screens! Definitely intended for playback only. But still the good news is that it does appear to be uncompressed. So you’re limited to a studio or Cinedeck setting and the Nanoflash need not apply.

My greenscreen skills suck but here’s the final output (sorry for the soft focus, I didn’t dial it in completely):


I do have a Cinedeck beta coming so I’ll test it with that straight-away. And I’ll be honest, I’d really like a 720 center crop on capture that would eliminate these display issues though not ideal- I tried with my MXO2 Mini but the thing kept crashing (no surprise there).

So in closing, $800 for a camera giving you uncompressed 720 capture? Sweet. And I find myself cropping everything anyway because as someone on Twitter said the other day: “16×9 is so 4×3” or something like that- my interpretation: “2.35/2.40:1 looks cool as hell…”

*EDIT 16 (or something like that) @SalaTar gave me some insight into testing it for MPEG4 breakups so I’m going to really push somethings on the camera and see what I can eek out.*


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